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Die Kulturvereinigung meakusma ist ein (Ost)belgisches Kollektiv mit angeschlossenem Label für avantgardistische Elektronische Musik mit Schwerpunkt Elektronische Tanzmusik, das 2008 in Eupen gegründet wurde. Das Kollektiv veranstaltet seit 1998 und seit 2004 unter diesem Namen Partys, Konzerte, Workshops[1] und Clubnights, seit 2010 in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Goethe-Institut Brüssel.[2][3]


"If you've followed Meakusma since the Brussels-based label first emerged you should know to treat their releases with a pleasant sense of expecting the unexpected. Whilst they are eminently willing to appease dancefloors with music from artisans like Terrence Dixon, MadTeo, Even Tuell and Vakula, Meakusma are equally happy to look towards more esoteric fare - see their releases from Harmonious Thelonious and the idiosyncratic beatsmiths Ssaliva. Essentially Meakusma is an undervalued outpost for the experimental fringes of electronic music. The label's latest release is a perfect example, issuing an album from the Georgia pairing of Brian Close and Justin Tripp. Across the eight tracks, Like Comment presents a melting pot of quirky electronics mixed with more classical instrumentation which Meakusma describe as ‘playful nonsense with deeper meaning’".[4]

Mit der Musik werden die Grenzen zwischen zerebraler Kontemplation und rhythmischer Befriedigung verwischt. Nonkonformistischer Techno trifft auf seriöse eklektizistische Elektronik.[5]


MadTeo, Anthony Shakir, Benjamin Brunn, Clatterbox, DJ Valium, Errorsmith, Even Tuell, Harmonious Thelonious, J.E.E.P., Kassem Mosse, Marcellus Pittman, Massimiliano Pagliara, Morthen Kiang, Move D, Peter Van Hoesen, Quarion, Ra.H, Roebin de Freitas, Roger 23, Rony n Suzy, Terrence Dixon, Vakula.


  • Massimiliano Pagliara/Roger 23 – H-EA-L EP ‎(12", 2009)
  • MadTeo – Sinister Ministers (2009)
  • Terrence Dixon – Room 310 (2010)
  • [sic!] – [sic!] (12", 2010)
  • [sic!] – Orange Sky Remixes ‎(12", 2010)
  • DJ Yoav B.Wisdom Traxx (EP, 2011)
  • MadTeo – Timesmithing ‎(10", 2011)
  • MadTeo Feat. SensationalRecast (2012)
  • Various – Langesthal ‎(12", Comp 2012)
  • Berliner RingBardo ‎(12", 2012)
  • Harmonious Thelonious – The Malag ‎(12", 2013)
  • Anno StammMy Peoples Head (2013)
  • GeorgiaLike Comment ‎(LP, 2014)
  • Different FountainsShrimp That Sleeps ‎(CD 2014)
  • Ryu MurakamiSpectrum EP (12", 2014)



<– Rüts DVD-Trailer (2009)

  • Various – Rüts 1/3 (Comp, 2008, meakusma, Ampoule)
  • Various – Rüts 2/3 (Comp, 2008, meakusma, Ampoule)
  • Various – Rüts 3/3 (Comp, 2008, meakusma, Ampoule)
  • Various – Rüts ‎(DVD, Comp 2009, meakusma, Ampoule)
  • Caroline LessireCarte Blanche To Moritz von Oswald ‎(DVDr, Promo, 2013)


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