Jahrescharts (The Silent Ballet), 2007

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Jahrescharts 2007

Les Inrockuptibles

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Rolling Stone
The Silent Ballet
Tiny Mix Tapes

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The Top 50 Releases

Alben Songs
Band Album
01. Grails Burning Off Impurities
02. Caspian The Four Trees
03. Balmorhea Balmorhea
04. Vladislav Delay Whistleblower
05. Tulsa Drone Songs From a Mean Season
06. Kashiwa Daisuke Program Music I
07. Six Parts Seven Casually Smashed to Pieces
08. The World on Higher Downs Land Patterns
09. Giuseppe Ielasi August
10. Opitope Hau
11. Stars of the Lid And Their Refinement of the Decline
12. Olafur Arnalds Eulogy for Evolution
13. The Pirate Ship Quintet The Pirate Ship Quintet
14. Christopher Willits and Ryuichi Sakamoto Ocean Fire
15. Eluvium Copia
16. Beware of Safety It is Curtains
17. Sennen Automatic Writing
18. Redhooker The Future According to Yesterday
19. Joy Wants Eternity You Who Pretend to Sleep
20. Slow Six Nor'easter
21. Battles Mirrored
22. Efterklang Under Giant Trees
23. To Be a High Powered Executive We Don't Want it Safe, We Want it Secret
24. Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie Before the Day Breaks & After the Night Falls
25. Marsen Jules Golden
26. World's End Girlfriend Hurtbreak Wonderland
27. Mico Nonet The Marmalade Balloon
28. Scraps of Tape This is a Copy is This a Copy
29. Small Sails Similar Anniversaries
30. Giants They, The Undeserving
31. Johnnytwentythree JXXIII
32. Destroyalldreamers Wish I Was all Flames
33. Tuna Laguna Ripples and Swells
34. 65daysofstatic The Destruction of Small Ideas
35. Cue Wedding Song
36. Morgan Packard Airships Fill the Sky
37. Akira Kosemura & Haruka Nakamura Afterglow
38. Hannu Worms in My Piano
39. The Weak Men DOG
40. The Ansion That is the Way of Things
41. Invert The Strange Parade
42. No.9 Good Morning
43. Mt. Fuji Doomjazz Corporation Doomjazz, Future Corpses!
44. Motoro Faam ...And Water Cycles
45. Lights Out Asia Tanks and Recognizers
46. Redlightchamberchoir We're In Trouble But We Don't Know What to Do
47. The Bird Ensemble Migration
48. Kiln Dusker
49. Carta The Glass Bottom Boat
50. Aerial The Sentinel
Band Song
01. Caspian Crawlspace
02. Kashiwa Daisuke Stella
03. Holy Fuck Lovely Allen
04. Battles Tonto
05. Beware of Safety To the Roof...Let's Jump and Fall
06. Ours to Alibi Beacons
07. 65daysofstatic Don't Go Down to Sorrow
08. The Pirate Ship Quintet I Kina Spinser De Hund
09. Johnnytwentythree Ghost Soldiers
10. Efterklang Himmelbjerget
11. Cue Can You See My Skeleton
12. Balmorhea Dream of Thaw
13. Six Parts Seven Stolen Moments
14. Pg.Lost Yes I Am
15. Joy Wants Eternity Above the Cloud Lies Eternal Sun
16. Sennen Redshift
17. Tulsa Drone The Catch
18. To Be a High Powered Executive Cosummation
19. Signal Hill California is Too Long
20. Eluvium Repose in Blue
21. Aerial My God, It's Full of Stars
22. Explosions in the Sky The Birth and Death of Day
23. Vladislav Delay I Saw a Polysexual
24. Giants The Palace Stands in its Proper Place
25. The World on Higher Downs A Muted Street Song

The Top 25 Electronic Releases

Band Album
01. Vladislav Delay Whistleblower
02. Burial Untrue
03. The Field From Here We Go Sublime
04. Kashiwa Daisuke Program Music I
05. Uusitalo Karhunainen
06. Icarus Sylt
07. Justice
08. World's End Girlfriend Hurtbreak Wonderland
09. Morgan Packard Airships Fill the Sky
10. Digitalism Idealism
11. Opitope Hau
12. Deepchord Presents: Echospace The Coldest Season
13. Amon Tobin The Foley Room
14. Pole Steingarten
15. LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver
16. Gui Boratto Chromophobia
17. The Tuss Rushup Edge
18. Pantha du Prince The Bliss
19. Thomas Fehlmann Honigpumpe
20. Black Dice Load Blown
21. Daft Punk Alive 2007
22. Kiln Dusker
23. Modeselektor Happy Birthday
24. Simian Mobile Disco Attack Decay Sustain Release
25. Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert Moog Acid