Gimme Indie-Rock

(Weitergeleitet von Gimme Indie Rock!)
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  • Sebadoh
  • "Gimme Indie Rock"
  • veröffentlicht auf dem Album "Sebadoh III" (1991)


  • gedroppt werden u.a.
  • sowie die Genres
    • Indie-Rock (Gimme Indie Rock just give me indie rock!),
    • Hardcore (started back in ‘83 started seeing things a differently and Hardcore wasn’t doin’ it for me no more)
    • Drone Rock (took a lesson from that drone rock school manipulate musicians halfway to school)
    • Sludge Rock (oooh sludge rock, that’s hard as harsh)
  • und die Zeitschrift Rolling Stone (rock and roll genius ride the middle of the road milk that sound, blow your load shoot it further than you ever said it go four stars in the Rolling Stone )