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Felt existierten von 1980–1989.




Im Prinzip hauptsächlich Lawrence mit großem Verschleiß an Mitmusikern (u.a. Mick Bund, Sänger von Mexico 70). Maurice Deebank spielte immerhin von der Bandgründung bis 1986 Gitarre.


  • Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty (Cherry Red Records February 1982)
  • The Splendour Of Fear (Cherry Red records February 1984)
  • The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories (Cherry Red records October 1984)
  • Ignite The Seven Cannons (Cherry Red records September 1985)
  • Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death (Creation Records June 1986)
  • Forever Breathes The Lonely Word (Creation records September 1986)
  • Poem Of The River (Creation records June 1987)
  • The Pictorial Jackson Review (Creation records March 1988)
  • Train Above The City (Creation records July 1988)
  • Me And A Monkey On The Moon (el records November 1989)


  • Index (Shanghai Records September 1979)
  • Something Sends Me To Sleep (Cherry Red records July 1981)
  • My Face Is On Fire (Cherry Red records September 1982)
  • Penelope Tree (Cherry Red records June 1983)
  • Mexican Bandits (Cherry Red records March 1984)
  • Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow (Cherry Red records July 1984)
  • Primitive Painters (Cherry Red records August 1985, reissued on CD in August 1988)
  • Ballad Of The Band (Creation records May 1986)
  • Rain Of Crystal Spires (Creation records September 1986)
  • The Final Resting Place Of The Ark (Creation records September 1987)
  • Space Blues (Creation records August 1988)
  • Get Out Of My Mirror (Free flexidisc on el records October 1989)
  • Primitive Painters (Cherry Red records March 1992)

Singles Compilations

  • Gold Mine Trash (Cherry Red records October 1987)
  • Bubblegum Perfume (Creation records April 1990)
  • Absolute Classic Masterpieces (Cherry Red records April 1992)
  • Absolute Classic Masterpieces Volume II (Creation records after 1992)

Best Of

  • Stains On A Decade (Cherry Records, 26.05.2003)



Jahr Titel Kritiker Charts Leser Charts
Spex Spex
1986 Forever Breathes The Lonely Word
1987 Poem by The River


Stuart Murdoch von Belle And Sebastian schrieb im Booklet des Albums "Dear Catastrophe Waitress":

"I just came back to the house to have a little lunch and there's a package here from Bob, who's making a little film that I'm helping with. He's sent me a Felt dvd called 'A Declaration'. This to me is very interesting. It's almost too much to take. Lawrence looks so good, it's too much, it's like a dream. I can't believe this band ever existed. They're so perfect. Fuck The Smiths, fuck Orange Juice, Felt, FELT, FELT!!"