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East Coast, West Coast, Südgefälle, Nordlichter, überall spielt die Musik, der Kompass dreht sich und man kommt herum in der Welt. Siehe auch Städte, Regionen etc.

Songs über den Norden

Songs über den Süden

Songs über den Osten

Songs über den Westen

Alben aus allen Ecken

Bands aus jeder Richtung

Herumgekommene Labels

Wegweisende Textzeilen

  • "North to South / Empty / Running on / Bravado" Bloc Party - Helicopter
  • "I traveled east and I traveled west / And I found a boy with a heart on his chest" The Cardigans - Lead Me Into The Night
  • "Up in the north country / Air is cool, and the lakes are seething" Jason Collett - Parry Sound
  • "Set my compass north / Circumscribe the earth and go" I Am Kloot - No Direction Home
  • "From the West to the East / From to the rich to the poor" The Kinks - Victoria
  • "I don't care / If it happens in Argentina yeah / Or way out north / Of the coast in Norway on an island" Maritime - Someone Has To Die
  • "The south takes what the north delivers" Pavement - Unfair
  • "Head out East / With a bag of weed" Seachange - SF
  • "The roundabouts will take us south / Past every train in every station" Suede - This Time
  • "The man who sailed around his soul / From East to West, from pole to pole" XTC - The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul